D’un souffle retrouvé

D’un souffle retrouvé (1992-93)
for flute and tape
duration: 13 minutes, 20 sec.
Available on BabelScores logo BabelScores

Commissioned by the INA_GRM

Concert comments

From a breath, from a single material, from a unique gesture, the score and the electronic part have been made. The frequency material has been developed from five basic chords transformed with graphics programs which allowed rotations, stretches, and distortions. This material has been used both for the instrumental score and to make the electroacoustic sounds. This electronic part has been achieved exclusively from sampled flute sounds transformed with the SYTER computer at the INA-GRM, Paris. Several inherent procedures to this computer have been employed, using the intervals of the basic chords like a filtering grid. The tape has been made from sounds transformed in different degrees; several strata, objects, events and lines appear and disappear, as well as in the instrumental part. This process has created a depth, a kind of resonant perspective between the acoustics sounds and the modified sounds. The formal structure of the work has been partially linked to this approach, but on the other hand, there are breaks that release elements in lines and in distinct actions.

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