Ennéagone, 2001
for piano
duration: 9′
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This work is dedicated to Michael Wendeberg

Programe notes

A Nonagon is a nine angle polygon.
In concordance with this figure, I have structured the work in nine space-time uninterrupted sections. On those spaces of time, I have superimposed (displacing in the same proportions) two consecutive musical elements, that alternate each other:
The first one, a strong rhythmic element, with a jazz spirit, is agile, marcato, accented, joyful, and incisive.
The second one, a heterophonic, non-developed, circular, fluid, poco cantabile, legato, modulated over itself through turnover and imitations.

Aside from the structural rigour, I have kept a great freedom during the writing process, in order to act on each element, at any time. To make each moment lively.

First performance: Michael Wendeberg – may 22th 2001 – Kulturzuntrum bei den Minoriten, Graz, Autriche

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