Aura [par-delà les résonances]

Aura (par-delà les résonances), 1996
For Trumpet and ensemble (fl (picc), hb, cl mib/sib, bn/cbn, sax sop/ténor, hn, trb, 1 perc, pf, vc, bass
Duration: 17′

Program notes

Concertante forms, which I like, hold an important place in my catalogue. They interest me as a framework from which an original rapport between a soloist and his acoustic environment, whether it be an orchestra, an ensemble, or electroacoustics, can develop. I have drawn up a repertoire of the various possible relationships between the two “protagonists”, developed and broadened in Aura (beyond the resonances). In this work I explore relationships between the background, which is de the sound environment and the principal, incarnated by the trumpet. I resort here to mirror games, divergences, prolongations, resonances, integration situations, and mutual reactions. Moreover, I also exploit shifts between the action  and the musical matter, from which emerges a sort of counterpoint of intent.  I wrote this work taking into account the influence of jazz on the evolution of the instrument. I am aware of the richness of the timbre and the game modes. The part for trumpet is of a very great virtuosity. Different moments of the work have great force and energy. But at the same time, I wanted to show other possibilities of the trumpet that were not yet developed, like agility and flexibility which appear in the foreground.

This work is dedicated to Eric Aubier

CD edition

Aura (Par délà les résonnances) by Carlos Grätzer, in the Eric Aubier’s CD “Modern Trumpet Concertos”, produced by IndéSens

Eric Aubier - Trompette

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